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What should we do if the sigle-field image intensifier?

Our engineers first tested the high-voltage power supply, and the five test terminals of the high-voltage power supply could not detect normal data. This is an abnormal situation. There are two reasons for this fault: first, the sigle-field image intensifier gallbladder leakage, resulting in heavy power load, each electrode voltage deviation, that is, power short circuit. Two, the power supply itself has internal problems, and has nothing to do with the interior of the sigle-field image intensifier. We propose to find the cause through specific image enhancer tests. Once the sigle-field image intensifier failures, we suggest not to arbitrarily evaluate the status of the sigle-field image intensifier, we should find professional people to detect the sigle-field image intensifier failures, through testing the sigle-field image intensifier failure causes, so as to correctly solve the problem, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.
Newheek sigle-field image intensifier can be used in image intensifier TV System.
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