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thales 9428 image intensifier for lithotripsy machine

X-ray positioning lithotripter uses X-ray thales 9428 image intensifier positioning, suitable for kidney, ureter, bladder, urethra positive stones, accurate positioning, easy to operate, can quickly and efficiently positioning stones and real-time observation of stone crushing through the console monitor, because of its wider scope of application, easy operation, for patients Privacy protection is more humane and more and more favored by many hospitals.
The main components of linear positioning lithotripsy are shock wave generation system, treatment bed system, X-ray image positioning system, console system, electrical control system. The X ray image location system is mainly located by thales 9428 image intensifier.
Newheek has HV power supplyfor various thales 9428 image intensifier.
thales 9428 image intensifier


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