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What type of C-arm image intensifier can replace Thales Thomson 9428 or 9438?

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Newheek has 3 models image intensifier can replace the many models and brands image intensifier, Our NK-23XZ/P3H can replace the Thales Thomson 9428 or 9438 image intensifier.

Compared with 9428 or 9438 image intensifier, NK-23XZ/P3H image intensifier still has good performance and high quality, while it has the advantage of price. If you have any concerns about the price of image intensifier, you can come to consult us, we will do the right service for you.

Many customers come to us to say that they want to repair Thales image intensifier. If it can’t be repaired, can it be replaced? If you want to find an image intensifier exactly the same and completely compatible, it is certainly not easy to find, but our NK-23XZ/P3 intensifier can be completely replaced, this is mainly installed in the medical examination television output system, suitable for perspective and photography.

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If you can replace Thales Thomson 9428 or 9438 image intensifier for us, please feel free to contact us.


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