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Why choose Newheek’s image intensifier?

Recently, many customers have consulted Newheek’s image intensifier. Regarding Newheek’s image intensifier, I am proud of that it is not at all lost to Thshiba and Thales.
About image intensifierPurpose of image intensifier
There are two points with the customer’s concern about Newheek image intensifier.
First: Can the quality of Newheek image intensifier really replace Thshiba and Thales?
Second: Is Newheek competitively priced than Thshiba and Thales?
In this regard, my views are as follows:
Ours image intensifier output image is φ25mm, Thales 9428 and Toshiba 5804 output image is φ20mm.
Ours I.I price and resolution is super than them.
If compared to Thales 9438 and Toshiba 5830, ours price is very competitive.
Let us stand on the final user situation, same price, they would like to get the advance grade product if compared to the normal grade.
Frankly speaking, choosing Newheek image intensifier is the right choice for you to open up new markets.
If you want to know more about the specification of Newheek image intensifier, please contact our service.


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