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Image intensifier malfunction

Image intensifier is mainly used for image intensification of low-dose X-ray machine, which makes very low X-ray pass through the measured object and form valuable images through electron multiplication of image intensifier, thus reducing the harm of X-ray to users.
Safe to use, light weight, high resolution, no need for dark room to see clear images. Radiation leakage dose is low, without any protection, image intensifier is a necessary hospital detection equipment.
At the same time, it can also be used for on-site diagnosis of injuries suffered by athletes and military field personnel, nondestructive testing by industrial departments, safety inspection by security departments, customs, posts and telecommunications departments.
Image intensifier malfunction
However, we have summarized the common faults of image intensifier :
1, no image (1) enhancement tube broken.(2) poor contact of high voltage cable of the reinforcing pipe.(3) the power supply of the enhancer fails.
(1) enhance the aging of the tube.(2) low enhancement pressure.
3. Image blur (1) poor vacuum degree of the enhancement tube. (2) improper focusing voltage of the reinforcing tube. (3) the output screen is dusty.
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