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Why flat panel detectors are better than image intensifiers

Principle of image intensifier: X-ray inspection image intensifier consists of image intensifier tube, tube container,
Power supply and bracket, etc. The image intensifier tube is the core component, which is supported and fixed by the bracket.
Inside a tube container with anti-magnetic properties. The image intensifier tube is a large-scale high-vacuum electron tube. The front end of the tube is a large input screen, and the photocathode PC is close to the input screen. The tube wall has focusing electrodes G1, G2, and G3, and the tail has a small area. There is an accelerating electrode A (anode) at the front of the output screen, and each electrode is supplied with the required working voltage by an external circuit.
The X-rays passing through the object are projected on the input screen to produce photon images, and the photocathode produces
generate electrons corresponding to the brightness of the photon image, forming an invisible electronic image, which is
Under the action of the anode electric field, it is focused by the electrostatic lens, accelerated to the anode and projected on the output screen
, generating a visible fluorescence image. The principle of digital flat panel detector: the photoconductive semiconductor directly connects the
The received X-ray photons are converted into electric charges, and then the electrical signals are read out and digitized by the thin film transistor array.
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