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X-ray image intensifier can be used with high-speed camera image intensifier

Recently, a Medical University called to inquire about the X-ray image intensifier, which is mainly used for scientific research projects. The customer wants to use Phtom’s high-speed camera with X-ray image intensifier + pulse X-ray generator for experiments. It is not clear what the output screen of the X-ray image intensifier has for the lens. The generator is still considering which model to buy , The demand is different from the clinical one. It takes at least hundreds of X-rays per second, each with a duration of 30-50 nanoseconds. They are hospitals and research institutes with imaging departments, animal, human, nuclear magnetic, There are many models of CT and X-ray machines. This time it is designed for scientific research experiments. The customer want to use the X-ray image intensifier with Phtom’s high-speed camera to do some scientific experiments, mainly to check the internal structure of small animals. Experiments with pulse X-ray machines are best to take hundreds of photos per second. Foreign equipment can do it. Let me first send the parameters of the X-ray image intensifier for reference.

The laboratory site is relatively wide, the frame is required to be easy to move, and the height and angle can be adjusted freely. The detection of living organisms is generally goats, small pigs, rabbits and the like, and sometimes human specimens. If the size of the animal has a large impact on the equipment, priority will be given to large animals, mainly to detect brain and chest, and study sports injuries under exercise. The use of X-ray image intensifier and contrast agent to detect, it is found from some documents that this method is useful. If there is any point, let our company provide technical support.

Our company specializes in the production of various vertical and mobile chest film racks, image intensified TV systems and various types of X-ray machine parts.If you need anything, please send us an email.

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