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X-ray image intensifier failure analysis and repair methods

X-ray image intensifier failure analysis and repair methods: The following is an analysis of two common failures of image blur and high-voltage ignition

1. The perspective image of X-ray image intensifier is blurred

Failure classification: (1) Camera system failure; (2) Intensifier failure.

(1)Remove the CCD camera system. After inspection, the camera system works normally.

(2)Turn on the power and observe the output screen image under fluoroscopy. The visible image is blurred, which proves that the fault lies in the X-ray image intensifier.

2. High pressure ignition of X-ray image intensifier

X-ray image intensifier malfunction phenomenon: turn on the switch, press the fluoroscopy function button, and hear a crisp “pop, pop” sound in the intensifier; step on the fluoroscopy foot switch, the image display is normal, but the sound is accompanied by the instant Horizontal interference bright lines.

Repair method of X-ray image intensifier

(1) Turn on the dehumidifier before maintenance and reduce the indoor humidity to about 50%.

(2) Use a hair dryer to warm the excavated part a few times to expel moisture, but do not get too close to the reinforced tube to prevent the glass shell from overheating and implosion.

(3) Fill and cover the excavated part with silicone rubber, and fill it as thick as possible to increase the insulation strength.

(4) After about 48 hours, the silicone rubber is cured. Connect the power cord, power on and test the machine, press the perspective function key, no high-voltage ignition is seen.

(5) Install and restore in order, start to see through, the image is normal, there is no fire, and there is no interference with bright lines, and the maintenance is successful.

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