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X-ray image intensifier for industrial perspective

The X-ray image intensifier consists of the input plane, photoelectric cathode, cluster electrode, anode and output plane under a vacuum.After X-ray conversion, photoelectrons are accelerated through high pressure, and the image is formed on the output surface through the electron lens cluster composed of the cluster electrode and anode.
X ray image intensifier for industrial perspective
The X-ray image intensifier intensifies the intensifier by converting an invisible X-ray image to a visible image.The intensifier’s advantage is a medical-television system based on the X-ray image intensifier ii, which intensifies the intensifier intensifier by dramatically reducing the amount of x-rays that patients receive during diagnosis by 1/10 as much as on direct photography and 1/50 as on fluoroscopy.
Newheek’s X-ray image intensifier (6, 9 and 12 inches) can replace intensifiers such as Toshiba and thales.
Our X-ray image intensifier can satisfy your different procurement requirements.


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