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X ray image intensifier system equipped with high voltage power supply

Weifang Huading Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of X-ray image intensifiers. It has its own production line and enjoys the same international reputation as the production lines of Toshiba, Philips, Siemens, Thales and other companies.
X-ray high-voltage power supply has very high requirements as a device adapted to X-ray image intensifiers. It needs a stable high voltage, a certain load capacity, and overload protection. In order to save money and time, an X-ray high-voltage power supply system was designed and developed. The system uses technologies such as self-excited oscillation, high-frequency boost, and voltage-doubler rectification to generate a high-voltage output of 30 kV and 50 micron A, and supply it to the booster anode. The X-ray image intensifier circuit is mainly composed of three parts: DC power supply, high frequency boost, and voltage doubler rectifier.
Weifang Huading Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces medical X-ray image intensified TV systems, and undertakes the transformation of X-ray machine darkrooms. The limitation of image intensifiers is self-evident, which we often mentioned in previous articles. If you need such an X-ray image intensifier device, please contact us.


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