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Xi’an customer inquired about image intensifier

Xi’an customer saw the image intensifier promoted by our company on the Weifang newheek website and called for consultation. We learned that the customer was a research institute and wanted to use an X-ray machine to test a certain metal cylindrical object. The customer said that They are now using a 300kW portable film camera with a static flat panel detector. Now they want to shoot the motion trajectory of the chemical reaction of the material inside the metal tube. I heard from others that shooting dynamic video requires the use of an image intensifier or a dynamic flat panel detector, so come to consult the relevant product.
We introduce to customers that capturing dynamic images requires not only an image intensifier or a dynamic flat panel detector, but also a fluoroscopic X-ray machine, and cannot directly replace their original static flat panel detector with an image intensifier. We have an industrial non-destructive testing X-ray machine that can take dynamic renderings of industrial parts. However, after confirming the size of the object they photographed with the customer, it was found that the size of the photographed object was large, and our industrial X-ray machine could not display the image on the same interface. The customer said to study the parameters again.
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