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9-inch fluoroscopic image intensifier can check the inside of the battery

Recently, FJ Energy requested the replacement and use of a 4-inch perspective image intensifier. Mainly used for cell phone battery testing.
The fluoroscopic image intensifier needs to be replaced after 1w hours of life. Within a period of time, a black circle will appear in the middle of the image, the overall image quality will decrease, and the noise will increase. Usually 60-70KV is used. According to reports, the 4-inch model has basically been discontinued and can be replaced with our 9-perspective image intensifier.
The customer said they wanted to use a sample of the fluoroscopic image intensifier to verify the image quality as quickly as possible.
For the trial of the perspective image intensifier, a loan contract and customer information are required. The customer said about the trial period for about half a month, you need to pay part of the deposit to make a product loan contract to the customer. If the product is not damaged after the test, it will be returned in full. The loan contract has a return date, so the product may not be installed directly on the machine. Send it to see the mounting holes, you may need to process the corresponding accessories, the return date may be later, if possible, the follow-up purchase will be very large.
Tell the return date can be extended appropriately, it is best to check when signing the fluoroscopy image intensifier contract.
Dear industrial users, if your existing X-ray machine needs to replace the perspective image intensifier, please remember that we are the manufacturer of perspective image intensifiers, welcome to contact us!


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