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Can Toshiba VP33314 X ray high voltage power supply be repaired Is it compatible with high voltage power supply?

According to reports from the Russian Satellite News Agency and other media on the 11th, Russian President Putin said in a national television speech that day, starting from the 12th, Russia ended the full shutdown period and gradually restarted the economy. He emphasized that it will take quite a long time to fully lift the restrictions.
Russian media reported that Putin said on the 11th that Russia has made preparations for the medical system, increased the number of hospital beds, and saved “tens of thousands of lives”, “this allows us to begin to gradually lift restrictions … The economy is rapid It is in everyone ’s interest to return to normal. ” Although Putin announced the end of the “non-working day” period for Russia’s entire country and all economic sectors, it emphasized that the work of the “epidemic” war has not been completed. “Even in some relatively good areas, the danger still exists.” Putin said that the construction, agriculture and energy industries should be restarted first, but large-scale activities should continue to be suspended. People over 65 and those with chronic diseases must be treated with higher-level safety regulations. Putin also announced additional financial support measures, including bonuses for doctors, subsidies for companies that retain most employees, and subsidies for families with children.
Putin once gave a televised speech on March 25, announcing a national holiday in Russia from March 28 to April 5 to prevent the spread of new coronary pneumonia in Russia. After that, he announced twice on April 2 and April 28 that he would extend the national holiday to April 30 and May 11. At present, the epidemic situation in Russia is still not optimistic. The number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia has increased by more than 10,000 people every day for 9 consecutive days. However, Russia has one of the lowest rates of death from new coronary pneumonia.
Many X-ray machine maintenance engineers report that the small X ray high-voltage VP33314 on Toshiba Yingzeng is burnt out. Can it be repaired? Is there a compatible X ray  high-voltage power supply?
Under normal circumstances, the high voltage burnout is not repairable, only the high voltage power supply can be replaced. Is there a replaceable high-voltage power supply? There must be, although Toshiba VP33314 is a special high-voltage power supply originally made in Japan. Sinovel imaging NK5761HD-P1P5 small high voltage is fully compatible with Toshiba VP33314, its function and performance are exactly the same, completely solve the problem of “one source is hard to find” of the original Japanese high voltage power supply.
Careful friends may find that the small high voltage of Toshiba’s original VP33314 is different from the small high voltage of Huarui NK5761HD-P1P5 in appearance. This is for sure. The alternatives are mainly for function, performance and installation method, and appearance is not the key factor!
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