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Guangdong customers inquire about the advantages of using image intensifiers

Recently, a customer in Guangdong called to inquire about the image intensifier used in high industry. The customer said that they were using the image intensifier for industrial testing for the first time. His friend has purchased equipment from us before, and the experience is very good, so I want to try it this time. After that, I asked the customers who mainly used the image intensifier, and what requirements they expected to meet. The customer asked us if there are any advantages in using the image intensifier for inspection? Come take a look at the advantages of using an image intensifier.
1. Exposure dose can be greatly reduced
2. The perspective image is clear and well layered.
3. The image can be transmitted from a long distance and video can be recorded, which is convenient for the preservation of data.
4. After A / D conversion and computer image processing, digital images can be obtained.

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