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What is the function of the image intensifier input screen?

What is the function of the image intensifier input screen? In the last article, the editor introduced the size of the image intensifier. What are the components of the image intensifier? How do they work? Next, let’s talk about it with you.

As we all know, image intensifier is mainly composed of input screen, input scintillation crystal, photocathode, vacuum tube and focusing electrode, output scintillation crystal and output screen.

Input screen: In order to ensure that the input screen has enough strength to make it a vacuum device, the aluminum or titanium plate structure with small attenuation effect and weak scattering ability is generally adopted, and the thickness is about 0.25mm – 0.5mm.

Input scintillation crystal: because the wavelength of X-ray is smaller than the visible light, it can not be directly imaged with CCD and other devices, so the participation of scintillation crystal is required to convert X-ray into visible light. In order to ensure that the path of the electron passing through remains unchanged and avoid the distortion of the image intensifier, the input scintillation crystal is generally curved.

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