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customers want to buy our image intensifier for replacement

(light intensifier)

A few days ago, a customer from xi’an came to consult with Toshiba about the image intensifier. The customer claimed that his image intensifier was broken and needed repairs, but he had an engineer inspected it and said that the liner was damaged and it was not worth repairing. Ask our company if it is Replacement, I said yes, our company specializes in image intensifier manufacturers, there are replacements. The following are some parameters of our company’s image intensifier.(light intensifier)

(1) Photoelectric performance:

Input screen size: 230 mm

Effective incident field size: 215 mm

Output image diameter: 20 mm

Limit resolution: 52 Lp/cm

(2) Low-voltage power supply performance parameters:

Input voltage: 86V ~ 265V

Input power frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Output voltage: 2.4V±0.5V

Output current (effective value): 1.5A

Image intensifier for Fluoroscopy

(light intensifier)


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