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Features of X-ray machine images

1. X-ray machine images take X-ray as the light source. The object ingested by the camera is the fluorescence image on the enhanced tube.
2. Structurally, in addition to the cameras, transmission cables, synchronizers and monitors common in industrial television, there are X-ray machines and image intensifiers TV system.
In applications, the advent of X-ray television has freed radiologists from the dark room. In the past, doctors had to wear red glasses for about five minutes of dark adaptation before they could observe the images on the screen completely indoors.
Features of X ray machine images
With X-ray television, the doctor can perform various tests and diagnoses in a bright room. And the image is clear, the contrast is good, is advantageous to discover the pathological change, enhances the work efficiency and the diagnosis rate.
4. In terms of protection, due to the application of the enhancement system, the brightness is increased, so the dose is significantly reduced. Under the same brightness condition, the original use of 2-5ma, television – can be reduced to 0.1-1ma, X-ray image intensifier, so as to greatly reduce the amount of X-ray radiation.
5. In form, the grating of TV set is round, which is a big characteristic that distinguishes X-ray TV from broadcast TV and other industrial TV.
6. X-ray machine images can be equipped with multi-channel monitor, movie machine, video recorder, video copier, etc. for convenient teaching and photographing materials.


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