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Fluoroscopy image intensifier system application

Fluoroscopy image intensifier system can be used in conjunction with medical X-ray machine, or as an intensifier for gastrointestinal bed upgrade of general X-ray machine to achieve fluoroscopy intensifier for room inspection and operation.
Image intensifier working principle, outstanding advantages;The development trend and application prospect of x – ray image enhancement television are reviewed.
Fluoroscopy image intensifier system application
Medical X-ray television CCD camera military to civilian technology medical X-ray image enhancement television equipment, usually refers to the X-ray machine and X-ray image intensifier supporting, the invisible X-ray perspective image into visible television screen image, the implementation of medical diagnosis equipment.
X-rays penetrate the body, which is modulated by density at different parts of the body, to create an invisible X-ray image on the fluoroscopy image intensifier input screen.
Newheek fluoroscopy image intensifier system can intensifier your intensifier for different intensifiers.


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