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German customer consults analog camera and I.I with BNC interface

German customers consult our image intensifier with BNC interface and an analog camera. This customer bought a digital system image intensifier before our company, and suggested that the customer also choose a digital system image intensifier this time. However, according to the customer, the end customer’s camera was not damaged, but it had been used for too long and wanted to replace it with a new one.


End customers also have analog image processors, so they just want to buy an image intensifier and an analog camera.
The problem is that we can’t find the exact zoom lens used by the end customer, we can only provide the image enhancer for the customer.
Briefly introduce everyone to Newheek image intensifier:

Composition of image intensifier television system

Newheek NK-23XZ Image Intensifier TV System mainly includes image intensifier, ccd camera, image signal processor and medical monitor four parts. The system can be met different medical diagnostic x-ray equipment requirement, such as the c-arm, stomach and intestine fluoroscopy machine etc.
As for the image intensifier, it is triple filed of view and also can replace Toshiba, Thales etc image intensifiers properly.


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