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High voltage Power supply to the image intensifier

According to different types of input light, image intensifiers can be divided into intensifiers, infrared image intensifiers and visible image intensifiers.

The intensifier is composed of an intensifier tube, a tube container, a power supply, an optical system and a bracket.The main part of the image intensifier is the image intensifier tube, which has an input screen to enhance images of thousands of times the brightness on the output screen.
Enhancement tube is made of glass vacuum tube, considering the need for a tube container for the purpose of protection, this tube container also plays the role of shielding X-ray, shielding the external electromagnetic field and protecting the human body from high pressure damage.
In addition, the enhancer also has a set of power supply, including high-voltage power supply of the enhancer tube, focusing power supply and power supply to drive the deaeration ion pump in the enhancer tube.
Newheek image intensifier are available in a variety of types and models, with sizes ranging from 6 “to 9” to 12 “.
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