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Highlights for ximage intensifier

Highlights for ximage intensifier
A. Performance: internal tank display flickers at irregular intervals. Reason: power discharge
Solution: a, change the power supply
B, apply high voltage silicone grease (at the high voltage cable plug)
B. Performance: the bladder screen shows a green half-moon, or it is completely bright, or it will flash
Solution: re-seal adhesive
Highlights for ximage intensifier
C, performance: direct presentation of crescent cause: bad vacuum inside
Solution: a, aging for a while
B. replace the bladder directly (the bladder cannot be repaired by air intake)
D. Performance: the monitor presents a water-fog-like object cause: the electrode falls off (one)
Solution: unable to repair, directly change the liner
E. Performance: unable to image cause: bladder burn, power supply is bad
F, performance: blue light reason: bladder broken


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