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How is the x ray image intensifier repaired and tested?

Many customers call Huarui Imaging NEWHEEK to inquire whether the X ray  image intensifier is broken or not. This is of course repairable. Customers need to distinguish which part of the X ray image intensifier is damaged if they want to repair it. Of course, repair failures usually require professional personnel. To be tested. Everyone knows that image intensifiers are very expensive and an important tool for hospitals to diagnose patients. Once damaged, many inspections can be delayed for the hospital, but the detection of the image intensifier is also a very important step. Let me introduce to you how our commonly used X ray image intensifier is detected.
In fact, the detection steps of the image intensifier are similar to the detection steps of the high-voltage power supply, but the image intensifier is more troublesome to detect. The X ray image intensifier is composed of the image-enhancing inner bladder, the shell and the high-voltage power supply, so all three parts are said to be To carry out the inspection, pay special attention to the fact that the X ray image intensifier is irradiated. Wear radiation-proof clothes and a dose card.



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