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How is the X-ray TV system structured?

Composition of X-ray television system:

Composition of image intensifier television system
Systematic X-ray television system consists of image intensifier and X-ray closed circuit television. X-ray television is only an imaging part of X-ray machine, its work is controlled by X-ray machine.
The basic working principle of X-ray image intensifier TV system:

Ximage intensifier test
The fluorescent image with weak brightness is obtained by irradiating the transmitted X-ray image through the human body onto the input screen of the image intensifier. After the enhancement of the image intensifier, a fluorescent image with reduced size and brightness is obtained on the output screen, which is tens of millions times brighter than the brightness on the input screen.

Digital X ray machine images type

After transmission and correction by the optical system, the fluorescent image is taken by the camera tube. Intake, the video current signal output from the camera tube is amplified by the pre-amplifier, controlled by the controller, processed and amplified to obtain the full TV signal, which is transmitted to the monitor and displayed X-ray fluoroscopy image on your screen.


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