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How to repair the defective tank vacuum of image intensifier

The tank is also called the image enhancement tube, is the image intensifier enhancement device the most important component, many maintenance chamber of commerce call to consult the tank maintenance, the following together to understand it.
When the image intensifier is electrically charged but no ray is added, the output screen of the intensifier is illuminated by the half-moon, it is necessary to consider whether the inner tank vacuum of the intensifier is defective. Generally, the larger the brightness area of the half-moon is, the more serious the internal tank vacuum is.
When such a phenomenon occurs to the image intensifier, first of all, if the bad vacuum of the inner tank is not very serious, we will conduct aging test treatment for a period of time (long-term power supply to the intensifier for 1-3 days) to observe whether the phenomenon is improved or not.Secondly, if the defective vacuum of the inner tank is serious, it is impossible to repair. Generally, customers are advised to replace the inner tank or purchase image intensifiers again.
If your image enhancer appears similar situation, please contact us, we will first test your machine, and then give you the most professional repair plan.


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