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Image intensifier for NDT: how it works

Image intensifier for NDT converts the X-ray and the photoelectron is accelerated through high pressure, which is then imaged on the output surface by the electron lens cluster consisting of the cluster electrode and the anode. A columnar crystal with a fiber structure is formed on the input surface. With this technology, the optical diffusion is suppressed and the spatial frequency characteristics are improved. Image intensifier for NDT output surface can form fluorescence film directly.
Image intensifier for NDT TV system takes X-ray as the light source, and the camera absorbs the fluorescence image on the intensifier tube, which is different from other TV systems using visible light as the light source.
In application, image intensifier for NDT “liberates” radiologists from the dark room. Doctors used to have to wear red glasses for about five minutes to adjust to the dark screen in a completely dark room.Clear image and good contrast are helpful for finding lesions and improving working efficiency and diagnostic rate.
Newheek image intensifier for NDT can replace Toshiba and thales, and can provide quality detection services.
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