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Image intensifier fluoroscopy imaging principle

Image intensifier fluoroscopy can turn X-ray fluoroscopy images and enhanced visible light image with enough brightness, when the X-ray source of x-rays through the object to be tested, the formation of X-ray image projected onto the X ray sensor screen, screen by X ray sensor transformed into visible light image, set in the sensor in the rear of the screen to the visible light image imaging optical lens in the image intensifier fluoroscopy input end face, in the output plane can be visible light image with enough brightness.
Optical lens is used to realize the coupling of image intensifier fluoroscopy formed after the X-ray sensor screen of the large field of view. Image intensifier fluoroscopy enables the visible image to meet the required light intensity requirements. It can be used in mobile or portable X-ray equipment.
Newheek image intensifier fluoroscopy is divided into 6 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches by size. It is composed of image multiplier tube, tube container, special high voltage power supply built in tube container and low voltage power supply which drives high voltage power supply.
Newheek image intensifier fluoroscopy can satisfy the needs of different customers, and can replace image intensifier fluoroscopy such as Toshiba and thales.
Image intensifier fluoroscopy


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