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Image intensifier input screen isolation layer and photocathode.

12 inch image intensifier application

Image intensifier input screen Isolation layer:

The function is to separate the fluorescent layer from the photoelectric layer so as to avoid interaction. It is also the potential connection point of the photocathode to determine the potential of the photocathode. The transmittance of the isolation film should be high and the thickness should be thin to reduce the fluorescence scattering and ensure the image quality. Common materials are A12O2 or Si02, etc.

Image intensifier input screen Photoelectric surface layer (photocathode):

Its function is to convert visible light into photoelectrons and fluorescent image into electronic image (invisible). When the fluorescent layer receives X-ray irradiation and emits visible light, the photoelectric layer is stimulated by visible light and emits photoelectrons. The number of photoelectrons is proportional to the intensity of visible light.

Application of image intensifier fluoroscopy

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