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Image intensifier is an important part of X-ray television system.

Structure features of image intensifier

The main function of image intensifier is to transform the invisible X-ray image into the visible image. The brightness of the image is increased so that the photoconductive camera tube can be used for television photography.

According to the different input light, image intensifier can be divided into X-ray image intensifier, infrared image intensifier and visible image intensifier.

The image intensifier tube is a large glass tube in shape. It has a black coating on its surface as a light sealing layer. It keeps a high vacuum in the tube. The front part of the inner tube is a large input screen, which is closely attached to the photocathode. The inner tube has a focusing electrode, and the tail end has a small output screen. In front of the output screen is a conical accelerating electrode, i.e. an anode.

image intensifier TV System

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