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Indian customer inquires about 9-inch image intensifier

I recently received an inquiry about a 9-inch image intensifier and camera from an Indian customer, so I sent an e-mail asking what kind of machine it was configured to use, and whether the camera was a digital camera or another camera.
The working principle of the 9-inch image intensifier is the photoelectric effect. X-rays are emitted from the tube and penetrate the human body. Due to the different densities of human tissues, X-rays of different intensities are projected onto the input screen of the intensifier and excited by the fluorescent layer. The cesium iodide coating converts X-rays into visible light, and the intensity of these visible lights is also different.
The innermost layer of the 9-inch image intensifier is a glass liner (enhancement tube), and the outside is covered with black insulating tape for shading, which is a key component to realize the enhancement function; the outer layer is a lead layer, which is mainly used to absorb and isolate the unproduced photoelectric The effect of X-ray; further out is the shielding layer of permalloy, which is mainly used to prevent external magnetic fields; the outermost layer is the metal outer box (tube sleeve), which is mainly used for fixing and protection.
The input end of the 9-inch image intensifier is the input flange (input end interface ring), made of aluminum, which fixes the input end and connects to the diagnostic bed; the filter plate, made of aluminum (ultra-thin, easy to be scratched and deformed), can be replaced As a grid, but the effect is relatively poor.
If you are interested in the 9-inch image intensifier or have maintenance problems, welcome to consult.

9-inch image intensifier


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