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Hospital replaces X-ray image intensifier

A few days ago, a hospital replaced the X-ray image intensifier, and a director of the equipment department came to consult about the replacement and price issues. The specific communication process is as follows:
The customer claims that one of the X-ray image intensifiers on hand is broken and they need to be replaced. Does our company have it?
Ask the customer what brand and model of the X-ray image intensifier? If there is a label picture, it is best to take a photo and send it to me.
The customer weighed it and looked at it. Why is there nothing on the outside? Do I need to open the shell to take a look?
Tell the customer that according to what he said, the possibility of Thales image intensifier is relatively high. If there is no label, I will take a picture of its appearance and take a look. At present, the customer has sent photos of the X-ray image intensifier.
From the appearance, most of this X-ray image intensifier is Shanghai Thales 23XZ-4ST. Our company has replacement products. It can completely replace the one you are using now. The price is **, if we need to install on-site, the cost is **
Customers said that they need to report to the hospital, and if the project is approved, we will be appointed to install the machine.
Dear users and friends, if your existing X-ray machine needs to replace the X-ray image intensifier, please remember that we are the manufacturer of X-ray image intensifiers.

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