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Mobile c-arm image intensifier

mobile image intensifier

Mobile C-arm can be perspective through hand switch controller control, foot switch controller control, automatic perspective, manual perspective, pulse perspective and other control modes.

Generally, C-arm is divided into small C, medium C and large C.

Small C is mainly used for orthopedics, surgery and other parts of surgery.

Orthopedics: whole bone, reduction, nailing. Surgery: taking foreign bodies, cardiac catheters, implanted pacemakers, partial interventional therapy, partial angiography, and local photography. Others: with ozone machine to treat pain, small needle knife treatment, gynecological fallopian tube guiding surgery. This type of product has a high penetration rate in hospitals, and basically two-level hospitals have been equipped.

Small C is basically a C-arm that can be moved. Both have Mobile c-arm image intensifier.

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