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Newheek 12 inch digital detecktor

A client asked about the digital detecktor. His digital detecktor had a fire and asked if we could repair it. On the question of digital detecktor, we suggest that he replace the inner liner, or replace the digital detecktor, the inner liner is the key part of the digital detecktor, replacing the inner liner and replacing the digital detecktor is not very different, he asked 12-inch digital detecktor related questions, we recommended to him our K-33XZ 12-inch digital detecktor, this type of digital detecktor. The digital detecktor is composed of an image multiplier tube, a tube container, a special high-voltage power supply embedded in the tube container and a low-voltage power supply for driving the high-voltage power supply. The nominal incidence field size is 303mm (12 inch), which is mainly suitable for small C arm (Department of orthopedics) and gastrointestinal machine.
The NK-33XZ digital detecktor can be used to replace Toshiba E5765 seriesdigital detecktor.
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