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Principle and application of image intensifier

What is an image intensifier? It must be a concept that is unfamiliar to many people.
Let me talk about which parts the image intensifier is made of. The image intensifier is composed of an image intensifier tube, a housing and a high-voltage power supply. Please see the picture below:


I believe that everyone will have a certain understanding after reading this picture. The most important thing in the image intensifier is the enhancement tube, which encapsulates the input screen, focusing electrode, output screen, etc. in a vacuum glass shell.
What is the working principle of the image intensifier? In short, it is the photoelectric effect. The input screen converts the received X-ray image into a visible light image, and the photocathode of the input screen converts it into an electronic image. The electronic image is then converted into a visible light image by the output screen, thereby forming the imaging principle.
Some people asked what is the purpose of the image intensifier? It is mainly used to change the X-ray invisible light into visible light, which is convenient for camera shooting. It can be used in the hospital’s dialysis machine, gastrointestinal machine, and lithotripsy machine. It is mainly used for nondestructive testing in industry.
Furthermore, there are many types of image intensifiers. Our company produces 6-inch, 9-inch, 12-inch, etc. image intensifiers, and can also replace the image intensifiers of major brands. Furthermore, it has cooperated with some major international medical device brands, and now the company is also developing new medical equipment, striving to make a significant contribution to the Chinese medical industry.
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