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Repair and replacement of X-ray image intensifiers that can detect aluminum alloy products

Recently, A client consulted Thales TH59438 X-ray image intensifier, which is used in the industrial field to detect aluminum alloy products. At present, the customer’s X-ray image intensifier is malfunctioning and plans to replace it with a new one.
The specific communication process is as follows:
The customer said that they have a Thales X-ray image intensifier with blurry images. Does your company have a Thales X-ray image intensifier?
Tell the customer that our company mainly manufactures X-ray image intensifier TV systems and accessories. We have replacements for the X-ray image intensifier you mentioned. Simply put, the appearance and installation interface are exactly the same. X-ray The inner liner, the core component of the image intensifier, is imported. The shell and other small accessories are produced by ourselves, but you can rest assured that the quality will never be worse than imported ones.
The customer said that they have a replacement for their CCD? Their CCD is digital imaging. If the image intensifier is replaced, the CCD needs to be focused.
How much would it cost if they just replaced an X-ray image intensifier? Please send him a quotation. And if the cost of on-site installation, please specify.
Tell it well, there is no problem, and the quotation will be sent to you. But there is one thing I need to explain, because your company’s whole machine is not produced by us. Regarding the installation of the image intensifier, if your company’s engineers can install it by themselves, we will try not to participate if we have to install it on site. , We can guide the installation, after all, it is not the equipment we produce. We are not familiar with many operations, and the equipment procedures for industrial use are more complicated. It is better for your company to debug it yourself.

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