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Vacuum liner is the core component of X-ray image intensifier

The X-ray image intensifier is usually cylindrical, and the inner lining is the core component of the X-ray image intensifier. The working process is as follows: The input screen scintillation crystal sensitive to X-rays converts its invisible rays into visible light.
X-ray image intensifier input scintillation crystal: Because the wavelength of X-rays is smaller than that of visible light, it is impossible to directly image them with CCD and other equipment. Therefore, the participation of scintillation crystals is needed to convert X-rays into visible light. In order to ensure that the path of the electrons maintains the same value and avoid image distortion, the input scintillation crystal is usually bent.
X-ray image intensifier photocathode: The scintillator excites visible light photons after receiving X-rays, and then the photoelectric factor releases photoelectrons through the photoelectric effect. The X-ray image intensifier is mainly composed of input screen, input scintillation crystal, photocathode, vacuum composition tube and focusing electrode, output scintillation crystal and output screen. Input screen: In order to ensure that the input screen has sufficient strength to make it a vacuum device, it is usually made of aluminum or titanium, with a small attenuation effect, and its ability to scatter rays into a flat plate structure of thickness ≤ is weak. About 0.25mm-0.5mm.
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