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What is the role of the tube holder of the image intensifier?

Do you understand the role of the sleeve in the image intensifier? Briefly introduce the sleeve of Newheek image intestiner. In order to ensure the safety and normal use of the reinforced tube, the reinforced tube is packaged by the sleeve and clamped and fixed in a reasonable position.

Fluoroscopy image intensifier system application

The tube sleeve part, the back end and the front part are composed and function as follows: the tube part supports the weight and positioning of the main structural layer (metal case), the 0.8~1.0mm bismuth film metal and the 1~2mm lead The layer is composed of three layers. The ruthenium alloy has a high magnetic permeability and affects the internal electric field of the reinforced tube. The lead layer is used to absorb the X-rays entering the sleeve but not absorbed by the input screen and the secondary rays generated by the intensifier.

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