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What is the situation of a customer’s image intensifier not showing images?

Recently, a customer phoned to inquire about the related problems of the image intensifier. The customer’s image intensifier was used on the C-arm, and the customer reported that there was no picture of the malfunction. We judge there are two possibilities based on the failure phenomenon. One is that the high-voltage power supply of the image intensifier cannot be powered and is leaking; the other is that the inner tank discharges. According to our speculation, teach customers to troubleshoot whether it is a high-voltage power supply.
First, remove the high-voltage power supply from the image intensifier and test the power supply separately to see if the voltage is leaking? The voltage of G1G2 is low, but 1kv, G3 3-11KV, G4 3KV, G5 is 30KV, all are direct current, if you have equipment, you can see if the data is in this range.
Some customers do not have a high-pressure meter, you can also try this method. Take the camera off, disconnect the ground wire, take out the shadow adder separately, and see if the output terminal is fired. If it flashes, it is the leakage of the inner tank. If it does not flash, connect one end of the wire to the 24V negative pole, and touch the output screen at the other end to see if it can lead to electricity and whether there is a spark. If there is a spark, it can be judged that the inner tank is leaking.
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