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What issues do image intensifiers pay attention to when purchasing?

The image intensifier is a see-through device. Do you know what to pay attention to when purchasing an image intensifier?
Medical imaging applications
Some customers have asked us about our image intensifier. I want to use it for his ESW-Vm Litotriptor. When asking and purchasing image intensifier, we need to know the specific needs of customers, such as image intensifier size, model, general image intensifier. There are 6 inches, 9 inches, 12 inches.
Input phosphoor transport
Therefore, when purchasing an image intensifier, the customer needs to tell us the specific requirements or the image intensifier information used before, so that we can provide better service to the customer.
At present, many customers purchase grids for image intensifier. The grids used on the camera holder and the filming machine are square, and the grid used at the input of the image intensifier is circular, so it is purchased for purchase. Also pay attention to the grid on the image intensifier!


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