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How to choose the high-voltage power supply?

How to replace the high-voltage power supply, the following is a brief introduction.

During installation, connect the cleaned high-voltage wire to the corresponding high-voltage output port of the high-voltage power supply according to the wire number. Remember to connect the high-voltage cable to the end when connecting, and fasten the high-voltage cable. In order to avoid fire caused by loose high-voltage lines.

If the high-voltage line is also cleaned; it is also fastened, but there is still a slight discharge at the high-voltage end. You can pull out the high-voltage line when the power is off, and apply a high-voltage silicone grease on the line to reconnect it to solve the discharge problem.

In the process of adjusting the image, you can adjust according to the method mentioned in the manual.

Strict requirements should be imposed on the use environment of the equipment, and the phenomenon of discharge and burning of the equipment caused by abnormal working conditions such as air humidity should be eliminated from the root cause.

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