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X-ray image intensifier can convert invisible light into visible light

X-ray image intensifiers are usually cylindrical, and the serif of the X-ray image intensifier is the core component of the X-ray image intensifier. The general working process is as follows:
The input screen scintillation crystal X-ray is sensitive and its X-ray invisible light is converted into visible light, which produces visible photons, and then converts it into an image. The photocathode emits electrons under the photoelectric effect, that is, photoelectrons reach the output screen through high-voltage acceleration. The image captured by the camera is then transferred to the computer.
The x-ray image intensifier is mainly composed of input screen, input scintillation crystal, photocathode, vacuum tube and focusing electrode, output scintillation crystal, output screen, etc. Input scintillation crystal: Since the wavelength of x-rays is smaller than that of visible light, it cannot be directly imaged with CCD and other equipment. It requires the participation of scintillation crystals to convert x-rays into visible light. In order to ensure that the path of the electrons maintains the same value and avoid image distortion, the input scintillation crystal is generally curved. Photocathode: The scintillator excites visible light photons after receiving x-rays, and the photoelectric factor releases photoelectrons through the photoelectric effect.

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