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Newheek 9 inch X-ray image intensifier

The X-ray image intensifier can replace the Thales image intensifier and is an electronic device that converts X-ray images into visible light images for output. It is installed on the X-ray TV device for X-ray fluoroscopy and photography.

Newheek Electronics NK-23XZ X-ray image intensifier is composed of X-ray image multiplier tube, tube container, special high-voltage power supply built into the tube container and low-voltage power supply driving high-voltage power supply.


The nominal incident field size of Newheek Electronics NK-23XZ X-ray image intensifier is 230mm (9 inch), which is mainly suitable for small C-arm (orthopedics), gastrointestinal machine, digital machine, industrial tire wheel inspection, etc.

The main technical parameters:

Photoelectric performance:

Input screen size: 230 mm

Effective incident field size: 215 mm

Output image diameter: 20 mm

Limit resolution: 52 Lp/cm

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