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Is the image intensifier a detector or a transmitter

Recently, a customer asked whether the image intensifier is a detector or a transmitter?
Today I will tell you about the image intensifier:
The X-ray image intensifier is the most critical component in the X-ray TV system, and its technical performance has a great impact on the work and image quality of the whole machine. The main technical parameters of X-ray image intensifiers include: field of view, output image diameter, image resolution, image contrast, X-ray absorptivity, conversion coefficient, etc., as well as technical parameters such as vacuum, signal-to-noise ratio, and gray level. The output image diameter indicates the image diameter of the effective input field of view on the output screen under the specified electrode voltage, generally 15mm, 20mm, 30mm. The image resolution is irradiated under the conditions of X-ray tube voltage of 45kV and tube current of 0.1mA. The input screen of the X-ray image intensifier is placed 1m from the center of the tube, and heavy metals that do not pass through X-rays are placed in front of the input screen. Lines, and the resolution test card composed of different gaps, observe the number of black and white line pairs that can be seen clearly within 1 cm of the output image. The number of line pairs measured in this way is called the resolution of the image. At present, the resolution of X-ray image intensifiers can reach more than 25-50 line pairs/cm.
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