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The composition and types of image intensifiers

According to different types of input light, image intensifiers can be divided into X-ray image intensifiers, infrared image intensifiers and visible light image intensifiers. The image intensifier is composed of an intensifier tube, a tube container, a power supply, an optical system, and a support (support) part. Its main part is an image intensifier tube, which has an input screen (receiving X-ray radiation to generate electron flow) and an output screen (receiving electron bombardment to emit light), which enables the former to enhance images with thousands of times the brightness to be imaged on the output screen.
The input screen diameter of the image intensifier ranges from 4 inches to 16 inches. The image intensifier with a small input screen is more flexible and cheaper to operate. A small image intensifier can slightly improve the resolution because the electrons from the photocathode hit the output screen with higher accuracy. However, the range of the patient’s body that the input screen can enclose is limited. A larger intensifier is more expensive and inflexible to operate, but it can provide a larger field of view and image magnification opportunities. The diameter of the input screen of the image intensifier should be larger than the diameter of the area to be studied on the patient’s body.
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